Consultation for Psychotherapists

About Coaching or Psychotherapy areas of service, Dr. Casadaban consults regarding clients within EMDR psychotherapy or concerning the interweaving of methods. Examples of Psychotherapy methods Dr. Casadaban can address, include cognitive and behavioral plans and the following:

A. EMDR Consultation.As an EMDRIA™ Approved Consultant and EMDR Institute Facilitator, I provide individual consultation for EMDR trained clinicians toward being an EMDRIA™ Certified Therapist or Consultant. Clinicians already Certified in EMDR or who are not pursuing Certification at present also consult for specific clients. Eligible EMDR trained clinicians can join and find excellent listserv advice at

B. DNMS Consultation. Psychotherapists can find excellent training, consultation and listserv advice about the application of Shirley Jean Schmidt’s Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy from her at My contribution is supplemental to that venue.

C. Self Development Approaches.

Dr. Casadaban's brain, mind, and body as self and self-development understanding and

BrainMindSelf Fitness Training

Comprehensive Psychotherapy

can prepare or assist the psychotherapy progress of clients in a variety of methods:

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and related Resourcing work (A. Leeds, P Manfield's Dyadic Resorucin), Addiction protocols, and specialty or related applications,
  • Some ego state therapies (e.g., SJSchmidt’s DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy); A Steele’s Developing A Secure Self; Gestalt
  • J Omaha's Affect Centered Therapy and Affect Regulation Skill Training
  • Direct communication with the multitudes of self; hypnosis,
  • Self/attachment therapies (e.g., M Main/Bowlby; the Masterson Institute approach to self-in-attachment or personality disorder work; A Steele’s Developing A Secure Self; A Schore’s Implicit Right Brain Self development and repair work; P Manfield’s work),
  • Visualization/guided imagery (e.g. Interactive Guided Imagery, IGI)
  • Mind-body approaches (e.g., P Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SMP), P Levine’s SE (Somatic Experiencing).

    Call Dr. Casadaban to inquire about your specific goals, needs, and specialty.