Goal-Focused, Brain Mind Self Psychotherapy

Single or multiple goals can be the focus.

BrainMindSelf (BMS) fitness training prepares you for psychotherapy for your goals and transformation. As needed and wanted, we aid self mastery of the present and future, process trauma, repair self-development, and readapt self-adaptation sequences.

Psychotherapy work includes what you need and want of the following:

  • Shifting into self- states and -adaptations (mind and body) aligned with your desired future.
  • Clearer understanding and self-respecting strategic handling so external circumstances, triggers, and conditions in which you live are stable or improved.
  • Stabilizing or reprocessing triggers or feeling states (positive or negative) to which you have become mal-adaptively conditioned
  • Harnessing your power to work with your own parts of self and your self-in-attachment internal presence, place, and value. Participating in needed integration or repair.
  • Systematically strengthening and repairing full self development of right brain functioning (full individual- and relating-development)
  • Trauma processing work (including non-verbal or other body-held trauma).

We work out co-guiding your treatment steps.  You coordinate with your right hemisphere as your amazing ally in this work.  Improvement Processes

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NOTE: “… ‘New unconscious’ science research is documenting that automatic, enduring, distinct self-states are normal and universal in humans, one kind of pre-prepared response circuit.  Emotional, behavioral, motivational, and/or coping reactions of any kind may activate in a self-adaptation sequence…. When the sequence embeds unhealed traumas, preparing and safely neurally-accessing the trauma are key components of psychotherapy to process the trauma.” (A Casadaban, 2013)