Health, Mind-Body, And Addictions

Health and Body Realization

BrainMindSelf-derived psychotherapy utilizes an impressive range of your adaptive mind and brain powers and functions to optimize your physical outcomes. With 

We build a plan for you. -- See Success Stories


For your particular problem. do what you can of the following.

  • Think about, prepare, act, or work to maintain your change plan: behavioral and social/group support routine, detox, and related treatment (such as Lafayette's own New Leaf Treatment Center )
  •  Educate yourself about your addiction.
  • Accomplish as many as you can of behavioral and cognitive coping skills (as the US SAMHSAdministration's Seeking Safety research- by L Najavits-presents):

( ).

If you want to make your work easier,

Dr. Casadaban works with you to design and accomplish your needed work, such as:

1. BrainMindSelf Fitness Training

2. Urges, cravings, and trigger desensitization and management ([DOC]

Addiction Protocol - Psych Innovations )

3. Decondition negative or positive feeling states

The Feeling-State Addiction Protocol | FSAP

4. Building your internal resources and structure and/or process interfering  unhealed trauma in psychotherapy in

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