Dr. Adrianne B. Casadaban Ph.D.:

  • Sees adults, adolescents, couples, and parents for psychotherapy and coaching in Lafayette, East San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

  • Consults, writes, and leads informative, user-friendly workshops, trainings, and presentations for professionals or the general public.


Books/Articles by Dr. Casadaban


I can help you with...

My specialties include panic/anxiety/obsessivecompulsive, trauma/PTSD, depression, success issues, & mind/body. For a more extensive list, click here.

ONLINE Tele-Health, Psychotherapy, & Coaching Services (including EMDR):

To Arrange, Call 925-946-9991 (with free 15 minute phone consultation) or message BMSAI@protonmail.com (My encrypted email intentionally doesn’t include “Dr. Casadaban” for your privacy.) Provided through VSee.com

Dr. Casadaban’s Approach:

Our psychological self is made up of our brain, mind, body, and spirit – whose powers can be harnessed to better align our selves with who & how we want to be in the world. Your right hemisphere is your amazing ally in how you improve and thrive. I can be your other ally on this important journey.
My services can be fairly brief to get you moving along your path, or focused on a more thorough development of potential and well-being.

Call Dr. Casadaban:   925-946-9991

for a free 15-minute phone conversation to discuss your specific situation and accomplishing your goals.