Brief Psychotherapy or Coaching

Work with one very focused target or goal. Ways we might proceed:

  • Neurally adapt your brain to the specifics of your outcome.

  • Shift into body-contributions, self- states, and adaptations aligned with your desired future and present.

  • Adding the BrainMindSelf framework, understand mutual-self-development-respecting and intelligently-optimistic ways to handle events, triggers, conditions and other persons’ emotions, states, or problems.  This enables pathways to secure, stable, or improved living.

  • Components of BrainMindSelf Fitness Training.

  • Co-guided readapting of elements identified from the BrainMindSelf chain analysis of your goal or problem.

  • EMDR therapy: Your combination of future, present, and past focus of trauma processing or resourcing.

  • Specialty and/or Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (ABS or BLS) specific applications and off-shoots from the EMDR psychotherapy and hypnosis/ego-


BRIEF Psychotherapy:  “I have enjoyed and greatly benefited from therapy sessions with Dr. Adrianne Casadaban…  She uses a mind-body treatment to help you focus on your goals, understand and overcome whatever is holding you back in any aspect of your life, and achieve results quite fast.  I did a 3 month therapy with [her] that I can honestly say changed my life.”  – Former Client

BRIEF Coaching:  Jim was having difficulty bouncing back after a sports injury.  Our assessment identified specific contributing sports play incidents and the coaches' reactions to Jim’s role in them.  Bilateral Stimulation (BLS) applications and EMDR processing of trauma resolved the difficulty in six sessions.

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