Professional Accomplishment

Academic, Business, Executive, Managerial, Student


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Combine effective improvement processes and the empowering MInd Brain Self framework to shift into your personal best.

Brief Psychotherapy

BrainMindSelf Fitness Training

Comprehensive Psychotherapy

Over the years I have successfully facilitated clients to understand and master the dynamics of their performance niche. Bring the desired mindsets into the present. If needed, free the mind-body-brain-spirit from being stuck in unhelpful states, identities, traumas, or addictions. Change current patterns. Shift into adaptations aligned with your desired future.

Call me to discuss mastering issues in your area of accomplishment.

Areas of experience: Business, Academia, Executives, Managers

Previous clients include: Individuals in business, academic, or other institutional settings who are moving to the next level of success or accomplishment, such as professionals, corporate executives, researchers, managers, administrators, small business owners, teachers, contractors, craft professionals, students, and more.