Improvement Processes, Methods and Approaches

I both studied scientific advances and became proficient in a good range of improvement processes, methods, and approaches over the years.

Our work uses and increases the strength of your self to facilitate your success.

Here is a list of the approaches and methods I draw upon:

  • Interpersonal neuro-affective methods – methods which incorporate understanding of brain functioning as it is involved in people interactions, attachment, emotions and motivations, such as work by A Schore, D Siegel, Affect Centered Therapy (J Omaha), and applications of J. Panksepp’s work.
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing): standard and specialty protocols; resourcing and containment
  • DNMS (Development Needs Meeting Strategy) - DNMS is an ego state psychotherapy approach combining components from many other methods: EMDR, guided imagery, body methods, and self psychotherapies. A longer term use of DNMS systematically identifies & fixes childhood and attachment needs & wounds. Briefer uses of DNMS can clear interferences with present performance and realization.
  • Body- focused processes include therapies that work to reset and de-condition the mind-body’s automatic nervous system stress, trauma, emotion, and body action responses, posture, healing touch, etc. Additional examples include SE (Somatic Experiencing), SMP (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy).
  • Self and Attachment Foundational Therapies - The freeing processes and self-healing embedded in longer-term psychodynamic methods can be greatly sped up by intermingling them with the more active and interpersonal change technology of other methods. Specific foundational therapies include:
  • Psychodynamic and self psychology approaches, such as the Masterson understanding of self-in-attachment or personality disorders
  • Humanistic Existential such as Gestalt and Client Centered
  • Applications of grief work and of Bowlby’s work on attachment, separation, and loss (M. Main, A. Steele)
  • Hypnosis of various kinds, such as guided journeying for positive and resources or for mastering for a particular current problem, substance abuse, or unhealed trauma.
  • Other Ego State and Self Therapies.

My work, and the above methods, can combine elements of the following:
  • Visualization, Imagery, Guided Imagery, Interactive Guided Imagery
  • Sports and Performance mental coaching methods
  • Business Executive and Management coaching
  • Attachment research and processes
  • Positive, Goal/Success, and Solution focused psychology
  • Body Focused processes
  • Breathing, Relaxation, Cognitive, Behavioral Methods
  • Mindfulness, MindSight, Working Memory, Attention
  • Dialectical & Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills and other emotion regulation skills
  • Acceptance and Commitment methods
  • Motivational Interviewing and Attention Training
  • Psycho-education about mind, brain, body, and social powers and functioning
“… ‘New unconscious’ science research is documenting that automatic, enduring, distinct self-states are normal and universal in humans, one kind of pre-prepared response circuit. Emotional, behavioral, motivational, and/or coping reactions of any kind may activate in a self-adaptation sequence.” (A Casadaban, 2013)