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Introduction: PART ONE

My approach is purposely built to make it easier for client and psychotherapist to co-guide clients harnessing/working/flowing their latest-in-evolution adaptive and neuro-plastic improvement capacities, which are universal to human individuals – toward the client’s desired destinations.

My self-adaptation-sequenced applications use this organization of findings from basic science (psychology, neuroscience, etc.): psychotherapist and client learn the relevant generic self functions, make intelligent hypotheses, including the healing power of just learning about the normal nature of emotion and motivation circuits, parts of self, and living memories.

together we understand the normal meaning and plot the sequence of internal self-activations (beliefs, emotions, motivations, behaviors, thoughts, body occurrences, including health symptoms) which are activated, starting from when/where/how their particular symptoms/problems happen now. We also track the self-meaning of external cues, conditions, and events to which client is responding. And client kindly and lovingly comes to understand and manage the important self meanings of each concerning desired future, present, and past surviving/coping/defending/adapting (internal places/states/beliefs which one has - about oneself or in relation to other people, disconnects/disengages of specific self functions/capacities) to the then bad or scary experiences. This prepares one for participation in self-strengthening and adaptive shifting/repair/harmonious-integrating now.

We plug into – and then generically expand – already familiar healing methods/processes/understandings, such as, motivation/stabilization/ psychoeducation work, EMDR (standard/specialty work), emotion and emotion-management methods, imagery methods, DNMS, hypnosis-derived processes, self-development/attachment approach combinations and other psychodynamic, mindfulness-based methods, CBT, ACT, cCBT, DBT, humanistic approaches, TFT/EFT, interpersonal neurobiological, somatic methods, and grief work.


Inner mental fitness and self-development are key to prevention and recovery in psychotherapy and to preparation for sustained and resilient performance. Dr. Casadaban works with each individual to customize a plan.

Brief Psychotherapy

BrainMindSelf Fitness Training

Comprehensive Psychotherapy

We work with self strengthening and adaptation approaches.   Leading from focus on the desired future, Alternating Bilateral Stimulation, EMDR processing (standard and specialty applications), and direct communicating with the normal and adaptive multiplicity of mind, brain, spirit, and body are common.

Sample - Professional Workshop:

Brain Mind Self meets EMDR

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Sample - Published Work:

Brain Mind Self: Framework to Sustain a Healthy Self
by Adrianne Casadaban



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