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BrainMindSelf-derived psychotherapy utilizes a larger range of your mind and brain powers and functions to optimize your physical outcomes.

Brief Psychotherapy

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Comprehensive Psychotherapy

Examples include: infertility, headaches, sleep problems, weight/eating issues/disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, miscarriages, acute conditions or body distress flare-ups, medical trauma, sports injury trauma, chronic conditions, lifestyle changes, etc…. Here includes a more complete list

Over the years I have seen many examples where physical issues with which people struggled – even chronic or long-term ones – were straightforwardly improved/resolved after getting their mind in better shape to handle them.
Such work involves freeing the mind-body-self from being stuck in old states/identities, changing current dynamics/patterns, and shifting into adaptations aligned with your desired future.

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Here are some EXAMPLES:

One couple came to see me for unexplained infertility issues. They had been trying unsuccessfully for years, and their recent IVF treatments had also failed to result in a pregnancy. If one last round did not work, they were going to do an open adoption. As the wife talked about her family history in our sessions, I could hear her internal issues and conflicts related to her parents and being a parent before she even consciously realized they existed. I helped bring her attention to and develop an organized plan to overcome these conflicts, which we accomplished before the last scheduled IVF session. Her body, mind, and relationships were ready for pregnancy. The treatment worked and they now have healthy twins.

Again, I cannot say for sure that my work with this couple directly led to their successful pregnancy, but it is part of a growing pattern (over 20 cases) where people struggling with infertility were able to get pregnant and carry the pregnancy to term after working with me.


A client with no history of kidney stones was working on psychological issues (including childhood trauma and misparenting), when he had a kidney stone attack and spent all day in the ER as his body worked to pass the stone. Finally, the pain went away. The doctors said he must have passed it. The timing of the kidney stone attack paralleled when we began addressing some old emotionally painful themes in his self.

Having seen this pattern before, I offered that the next time he would otherwise go to the ER for kidney stone pain, he consider calling me to process the flare-up. If it did not help, he could always go right to the ER.

A few weeks passed and the same pain returned, but this time our psychotherapy session resolved the issue without needing to visit the hospital. Three years later, he continues to be free of kidney stone pain.


A high-performing business manager in her thirties came to see me about destructive social dynamics at work. She had lupus that was steadily worsening, but didn’t initially think it was related to her psychotherapy goals. We found that she was stuck in old self-adaptations from her childhood around having abusive family members. It seemed one of the reasons she was able to function so highly was that her childhood mistreatment was largely being contained in her body and contributed to her immune system turning against itself. Sessions focused on her needed mixture of: healing traumatic self-development, supporting current initiative within healthy patterns at work, proactive self care, and aiding her realization of owning her own business. Her lupus has remained ‘flare up free’ for years.


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