Mental Health Problems & Disorders


Due to the number, mixture, and severity of unhealed lousy or extreme experiences, it is all too easy to accidentally wind up with a mental health problem or disorder. Fortunately, my performance and realization psychotherapy can improve or resolve a wide range of mental distresses people face.

I have successfully treated: depression, fear, panic, phobias, manic, OCD – including shopping/spending, eating disorders, sleep problems, abuse, addiction, etc. …

Here is a fuller list of problems and concerns with which I have/do work.

You and I together begin to draw upon and increase your self-strength and internal resources to improve or repair your distress for your whole self.

When needed, we work with your felt inner and body experience, as well as your personal history.

Call me to discuss how my services could work for the problems with which you are struggling.

Note: If you are in the midst of a severe depression, manic state, panic, PTSD reaction, eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia), ongoing sleep problems or drug addiction do as much initial stabilizing as you can – sometimes including psychiatric medications or detox. Get a good medical evaluation to check on possible underlying medical conditions, such as thyroid problems. Call me to take advantage of the powerful healing and repair processes that can be custom tailored for you from my performance and realization repertoire.